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To Sparkle of Light Spiritualist Centre.


My name is Alice, I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium with over 20 years experience. I am also a public speaker, teacher and founder of Sparkle of Light Spiritual Centre based in Helensburgh, Scotland.


I hope you can join us online to see for yourself how much you will feel welcomed and supported.

Scroll down to find out more about me and psychic mediumship.

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Scotland’s Spiritual International Medium Alice Trevorrow is known as an Evidential Empathic Spiritual Medium Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer through Meditation. 

​Alice has had a connection with spirit world since she was a very young child where she had a close connection with her Grandfather even though he passed when Alice was 3 yrs of age. Alice could describe him and tell her mother about the chats they had that all proved correct. When Alice’s Gran passed to spirit she seen her and it was in fact her grandmother who spoke to Alice about going to a spiritualist church. Alice never knew what it was and one day was told to look at the back of the evening times newspaper, and there it was Berkeley Street and Glasgow Association of Spiritualist Church. Alice started training at Berkeley Street Glasgow in her teens, and then later in Yorkshire where she once lived in her early twenties.

Further on Alice got married and had two beautiful children and went into a career in nursing and worked as a staff nurse full time. Alice continued sitting in circles and part time as a Spiritualist Medium working in Spiritualist Churches and Centres. She then expanded her training on to The Arthur Findlay College (AFC) and Mentorship Programs with Paul Jacobs, Mavis Pittilla Andy Byng, Chris Drew, Phil Dykes, and Minister Janet Parker. Alice believes no matter what stage you are at in your life as a Medium, progressive on going training is necessary and very much essential for your own spiritual growth. Alice now dedicates her love & time, willingly, as a working Medium on behalf of spirit world with extreme gratitude since retiring from her Nursing career. In her spare time Alice also enjoys writing spiritual poetry and dabbles in creative art design.


Alice is founder & manager of Sparkle of Light Spiritual Centre and events. There are online teachings

through the school and psychic mediumship evenings along with charity events. Along side this, Alice does

private readings online and in person, as well as public demonstrations and workshops.


Alice has her own podcast show called 'Sparkle of Light Spiritual Chat Show' on Thursdays at 8pm on Spotify and Youtube.

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The general belief is that mediums speak to the dead, but the truth is we know this not to be the case, because there is “No Death” If death were real, then everyone would vanish into thin air, and never to be heard of again. We basically shed our coat of armour here on this physical plane, and our spirit steps outside of the physical body, our spiritual soul lives on. The essence to our higher self. 

We are all natural born mediums, we are spirit leading a physical life, It is ourselves who can create this barrier with spirit, with thoughts, actions, reactions and trust, we inadvertently lose our connection with this natural spiritual ability, through time, because we don't use this natural ability. So the less we use this ability, the more we forget. The more we don't use it the more perhaps we don't trust we ever had this ability to start with. So in layman's terms, we become a little rusty, we forget this natural process. 
Good news is it can be reconnected and attuned, by simply reconnecting with spirit, and our higher self, this has not gone.

Mediums who have always worked with spirit have a strong spiritual connection. This is a normal daily practice, this is their way of life on a daily bases. We can open and receive our own natural ability at any time when we trust, and surrender to spirit knowing they are part of us, and we are part of them. Earth is our school of learning to grow, we are all on our own path.

Mediumship is a beautiful loving connection of linking with spirit world as the middle person, a worker for spirit, to the medium, through the medium, to the recipient .
So basically my belief is we are all mediums, we came from spirit world, and we return to spirit world. We arrive on this planet with love, innocence and purity from our higher self. We are spirit living in a physical body. We are here on this earthly plane to learn and grow. We live a physical life, and yes can be drawn to many pathways in our life that may take us away from our natural higher being of light, but earth is the school of learning and growing to enhance our spiritual development. We are all on our own path with this, it's not a race. For many, we can be brought back on the right pathway by reconnecting close with spirit world and our higher being, there are many vocations that also contribute to this. Everyone is intuitive, but it's how we evolve our own intuition into the psychic connection, many use tools such as cards or psychometry and many just know and feel through the soul energy and vibration.


A psychic will give practical readings to the person in a reading Past-Present-Future but with no connection with spirit world at all that is why many people reach out to a medium. The evidence and message from a loved one can be truly comforting and spirit have their needs too, they are desperate to let their loved ones know yes I can communicate with you, I am ok, I know what you are doing in life because I am around you, how could I know this if I was dead. They know and understand grief, they lived this life, they have been there. My belief is there is also a grief process in spirit world too, and they also want to reach out to say our love and communication has not gone, there is no barriers to our love, our soul to soul connection lives on. 



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