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If you are interested in booking any of the services below, please contact via email.


I am known as an evidential empathic medium therefore the importance to get my information and delivery correct is taken very seriously. 

I offer private one to one readings online via zoom or offline face to face. 

I also do group readings and house gathering at peoples homes.


I am regularly invited to do platform demonstrations at spiritual churches, centres and events online all over the world and in person across the UK. I am also available to do workshops and coaching at spiritual centres and churches, along with charity evenings.


 If you already have experience in psychic mediumship and looking for help to developing your skills, I offer private one to one coaching.

I can help build your confidence, work on presentation of giving messages and help improve quality of connection with spirit by exploring and practicing different techniques. 

If you are interested in working with me to help your development, feel free to book a 30 min discovery call with me and we can discuss ways in which I may be able to help.


*Please note this service is not for complete beginners. I offer a separate programme designed for beginners.   



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